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What Are the Different Licensing Options For Gaming Operators?

Online gaming is becoming more popular and so are the options that entrepreneurs now have for launching their own gaming operations. Buying a gaming software license ฟุตบอลโลก2022 which is a costly affair is only one of them. Operators can choose the white labeling or even an affiliate model to launch their own sites. Here we discuss some of the options that are available for gaming operators for launching their own online casino or sports betting portal. One-time fee licensing is still one of the preferred options for large casino operators. It gives the casino operator the right to use the gaming software license for a lifetime and this includes the periodic upgrades that are released by the software vendor.

The second option that is one of the favorites of medium and small sized operators is the white labeled model. In this approach the gaming operator is privy to a pre-built hosted site which can be customized with the operators own brand and logo. All the back-end operations are controlled by a service provider. This is the quickest and most effective way to launch a gaming portal. The operator gets the benefit of the service providers gaming license, gaming software, technical support, hardware, customer service and e-commerce relationships. The reason why the White Label model is finding favor among gaming operators is the relatively low cost of starting operations and the quick got-to market. A well strategized marketing approach can help entrepreneurs to quickly break-even and start making money out of the venture. Using the White Label model gaming operators can set-up online poker portals, an online casino or a sports betting site.

The third option that entrepreneurs have before them is the affiliate model. In this model a gaming operator can use the licensee’s gaming software license, technical support, hardware, customer service and e-commerce relationships. However in this model the revenue that the operator makes is only a small percentage of the revenue that is generated from the gaming operations. The type of support that is extended to the operator also varies. While some affiliate programs only supply banners some others create an elaborate website with the brand a logo of the operator.

Some gaming entrepreneurs prefer to buy the gaming software license and lease or buy the servers and host them at a data center. Turnkey casino providers can help to set-up your own custom online casino services. Banking requirements, deposit processors and customer support are taken care of by the service provider. There are many options that an entrepreneur can choose from. While all have their own merits and demerits, the most popular model is the White Label model. Turnkey service providers also offer a list of standalone services which include gaming license, software, servers, risk management software, security staff, technical staff, office equipment and more. Favorable regulatory conditions in many countries and turnkey solutions have made it easy for gaming operators to launch their own operations.

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