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Rajasthan Travel and Holidays

Rajasthan travel and holidays are an enjoyable way to spending your vacation in India. There are many people who come to India to spend their vacation and Rajasthan is top in their list. So, if you are planning a trip this year, do make plans to come to Rajasthan travel and holidays and visit some of the fascinating places here.

There are several tour companies that operate Rajasthan tour. So, whether you are coming from an India city or anywhere abroad, you will find a suitable package. Check out the different things which are included in the tour package, before you make the final bookings. and The best time to go to Seattle

Rajasthan travel:

A trip to Rajasthan offers different things to travelers. However, if one wants to get a glimpse of the culture and tradition in the country, Rajasthan is the best place to be. Many fairs and festivals are organized in different parts of the state and people from all over the world and take part in the celebrations. The world famous Pushkar Fair sees the largest number of attendance from foreigners. The camel festival of Bikaner held in the month of January is another interesting attraction here.

Take a trip of Rajasthan during the time when the fairs and festivals are organized. You will not only get to see a new place, but also take part in some amazing celebrations seen in the state. Some of the events that you can be a part of are – elephant festival, Baneshwar fair, Nagaur fair, desert festival, Mewar festival and summer festival, etc.

Rajasthan holiday:

A holiday in Rajasthan will be rather incomplete if you do not get to view the art and handcraft of the locals. The folk music and dance of the locals is another fascinating thing, which you must experience while holidaying in the state. Known as the ‘desert jewel of India’, it is hard for anyone to miss the colorful and vibrant spirit of the people living here.

Some of the must do things while you are on a trip to Rajasthan is to get mehendi pattern designed on your hands, eat traditional Rajasthani food, buy some of the gorgeous scarves, colorful skirts, jewelery and traditional footwear, etc.

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