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Nudist Myth Busting: “Nudist Beaches Are Full Of Naked People With Perfect Bodies”

When I used to go to “bathing suit required” beaches, much time was spent worrying about appearance. I usually ended up skipping the beach because I didn’t look as good as the guy on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine.

America, land of the free, Paris Hilton idolatry, and millions of bathing-suit-wearing beach-goers worried about how they look. You can visit to know more about nude beaches in the usa and enjoy your party over there.

Enter nudists.

Most nudists see the beach as much more comfortable and natural without clothing. Looks are not going to stop an experienced nudist from returning to the beach.

“Without clothing, you are who you are,” they say.

Nudists are people in every shape and size. Nudists are real people – representative of the population at large. Real people – without shame. (I have yet to see a supermodel though.)

I’m sure there are real people “on the fence” about trying nude beaches and nudist resorts. When I first learned about nudism, I was on the fence too. But perfect bodies at nude beaches turned out to be a myth.

In fact, body imperfections are ignored and seem to be irrelevant in a nudist environment. No one stares at a scar.

I saw a nudist amputee about 30 minutes into my first time trying social nudism. I was surprised that no one paid any attention. That proved to me that body acceptance among nudists really is the norm. Years later, this still seems true.

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