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How Penis Pumps and Clamps Work

How Do Penis Enlargers Work?

The cavernosum is what nearly every penis enlarger targets to some degree, even surgery. Many potential consumers of penile elongation devices and methods want to know what the particular product affects; well, this is it. Where there is blood, there’s a pill or electric pump for men waiting to engorge it. If you understand this structure, you will understand why penis elongation techniques and devices are constructed the way they are.

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Corpus cavernosum is a pair of sponge-like shafts within the erectile tissue and where most of the blood is contained. When stimulated, this cavern along with another smaller shaft, is filled with blood during erection. To give you some idea how integral this structure is, it holds nearly 90% of all the blood in the erect penis. At this point blood has only one way out, through the veins around the outside wall of the corpus cavernosum. However, the pressure of blood filled cavern compresses these veins, preventing drainage and prevents you from going limp.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are one the most utilized tools and one the most recognized penis enlargers. These devices are used medicinally to aid in the conventional treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunctions. Though the can be used as a medical apparatus the vast amount of these tools are used for penile enhancement. Two notable forms exist today; one utilizes water and the other air to create a vacuum.

How Does it Work?

A penis pump is usually cylindrical and uses either a manual or motorized pump to create suction, making them excellent, albeit temporary, penis enlargers. For this reason, the device is also commonly referred to as a vacuum pump. The suction created draws blood into the penis allowing the organ to become engorged. This form of penile enhancement is also used with the underwater devices which try to achieve the same result. Clamps, or cock rings, are also used to hinder flow back into the body, making these penis enlargers a valued combination.

The Pump and Clamp Combination

The penis clamp squeezes off any possibility of blood flow back into the body, even if you are not aroused. Both the veins described above and a good portion of the Cavernosum is constricted. With the addition of a pump’s suction the membrane cells tear and divide forcing length without the loss of blood. Understand, while you create that vacuum you stress the veins and internal organs of the penis and the clamp is blocking retreat. This is why clamping itself, let alone adding a pump, is a risky technique. Many people advocate pumps and clamps, my only advice is to proceed with extreme caution.


In the penile enhancement industry, the pump is cherished for its quick results, especially when combined with a clamp. There are also manufactured in many forms, colors, triggers and sizes making them a popular device. Suction can also be easily mediated and the chances of over pumping are reduced by simply negotiating the amount of suction. With all the variety of penis enlargers at different costs, pumps can be purchased for a minimal cost.

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