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A Crash Course For a Parent on Free Online Gaming For Girls

Before, only my boys were hooked to free online games, coming from the fact that they were usually the ones that enjoy virtual gaming and they were actually 918Kiss the ones that enjoyed playing with the latest online games. I only have one girl and she recently turned 7 years old last week.

With the computer basically owning much of my older tykes’ attention, my girl is also getting more and more interested with free games that you can play online. Actually, she started with the Nancy Drew game that we had installed at home but her older brother introduced her to a site that opened a whole new door to her in terms of free girl games that you can play while connected to the web.

Being very protective of my girl, I was very concerned on what types of games were available to her. She does not have a computer of her own in her bedroom so she has to use my laptop and I only allow her to connect to the web if she will play girl games while I am in the vicinity.

While she was logging on to some random website, I asked her permission if I could watch (we have a policy at home to respect each other’s private space even at a young age) and my angel sweetly said yes.

On some website that offered girl games online, even I was amazed because there were a lot of games that she could choose from. There was even a link to download games for a trial period, for free.

One of the games that my one was very fond of was the dress up game. She had an avatar that she named “Alli” (her best friend’s nick name). Then, she chose what occasion her avatar will go to. After choosing the occasion, she was sent to a new page offering her dozens of outfits to choose from.

While she was choosing her avatar’s costume, I was checking the site for inappropriate ads that could endanger my one’s subconscious but thankfully, there was none. The ads were relatively harmless, mostly about educational toys for sale and other sites that offer free games.

After a few minutes, she moved to another site that also offer free girl games. The other site also contained relatively peaceful ads and this time, I was glad to see that it was also educational. The site was sort of a virtual coloring book that allowed my one to express her creativity and at the same time acknowledge the different colors appropriate per item.

She bounced from one site to another and all in all, I found that these free online games were nothing for me to be alarmed about. Some are educational while some are really just a virtual way of playing dolls.

In the future, I vow to find more sites that may be more educational for my little one but in the mean time, I guess it would not hurt if I allow her to play her dolls online.

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